Georgia Bureau of Investigation


Georgia Law Enforcement Criminal Intelligence Analysis Certification Program


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has implemented a statewide training and professional development certification program for all Criminal Intelligence Analysts employed in both local and state law enforcement departments.  The program is managed by the Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center (GISAC), a GBI work unit which serves as Georgia’s intelligence fusion center.  The program is tasked with recognizing the training and professional development needs of intelligence analysts throughout the state, and then identifying specific solutions to meet those needs within a single, formalized program. 


The program will serve to accomplish the following:

  • To professionalize and enhance the practice of intelligence collection and analysis in order to maximize the benefits derived from the intelligence information.
  • To instill and promote professionalism and leadership within the intelligence analyst community in Georgia
  • To promote the statewide use of current best practices with regard to proper collection, handling and use of intelligence information, and with regard to protection of privacy, civil rights and civil liberties
  • To enhance a recognition of the professional role of the law enforcement intelligence analyst, and to promote the growth of this critical profession throughout Georgia law enforcement
  • To help develop career track opportunities for intelligence analysts and aid in professional growth and general

For in-depth information about the program, please access the Download this pdf file.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section and the section entitled Download this pdf file.Georgia Law Enforcement Criminal Intelligence Analysis Certification Program , which is the full program document. 

For those wishing to apply for entry into the program, please carefully read the documents described above, and then access both the Download this pdf file.Program Application and the Download this pdf file.Program Application Checklist .  These documents require specific information about you and your department, and provide instructions for completing and submitting the program application. 

For information on training courses approved for inclusion in the certification program, please access the section entitled Download this pdf file.Approved Training Courses .  And, to view a schedule listing of approved and available courses, please access the section entitled Schedule of Upcoming Approved Courses.