Crime Scene Specialist



Each of the Investigative Division’s 15 regional offices is staffed with a fulltime Crime Scene Specialist.  The Crime Scene Specialists are all sworn agents.  These agents utilize their specialized training and equipment to search for, identify and collect evidence from crime scenes.

Crime Scene Specialists are provided with state-of-the-art forensic tools and equipment.  These agents are extensively trained in the use of this equipment to allow them to identify, collect, forensically examine, interpret, and preserve physical evidence discovered at crime scenes.  Included in the equipment issued to the Crime Scene Specialists are forensic light sources, blood spatter interpretation kits, trajectory reconstruction kits, and assorted cameras and lenses for specialized crime scene related photographic techniques. Crime Scene Specialists or the case agent determines which evidence is submitted to the crime lab for further analysis and comparison.



The Crime Scene Specialists are called upon to examine crime scenes, process evidence, consult on crime scene reconstructions and to be guest lecturers and instructors for police academies, government entities, educational and service organizations. Each Crime Scene Specialist attends the University of Tennessee’s National Forensics Academy. This ten week program includes 170 hours of class work and 230 hours of field practicum.

For more information on the National Forensics Academy, please visit:
National Forensics Academy